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Timothy Treadwell Autopsy Photos

Timothy Treadwell Autopsy PhotosTimothy Treadwell was born in Long Island, New York on April 29, 1957. He was an environmentalist documentary filmmaker and a bear enthusiast, for 13 seasons, he lived among the grizzly bears of Katmai national Park, Alaska to observe and film their lives, but at the end of 13th season a tragedy struck, Treadwell and his physician assistant girlfriend visited Katmai National Park in October of 2003. When he and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were attacked by one or may be two grizzlies’s killing them both at their campsite.

Werner Herzog made a documentary film in 2005, “grizzly Man”, the film was based on the life work of Timothy Treadwell.

Timothy Treadwell was a rehabilitated drug addict, who used to live among Grizzly’s as if they were his pets, but unfortunately, it was not the case. Katmai Park Rangers killed the male grizzly bear responsible for Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend’s death. The adult male grizzly bear was weighed 450 kg. Timothy Treadwell death video is elusive; however, a close friend of Timothy Treadwell “Jewel Palovak” has an audio tape, which contains the final moments of bear enthusiast before his death, but she has no plans to release the audio tape publicly.