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Tamil Dirty Story

Tamil Dirty Story, Latest News About Update: Very worrying facts are being revealed by a well informed Sinhalese in Colombo that military officials are forcefully taking away under aged Tamil children from the conflict areas of the north and east of Sri Lanka to be engaged as domestic servants in their houses. The concerned Sinhalese in Colombo said she witnessed ‘couple of them being employed in army officials houses’ and went on to confirm further that ‘the abuse is widespread among high ranking officials’. The source also said that ‘a young Tamil girl engaged by an army official in Colombo had some injuries to her hands and legs’ and was not able to confirm whether it was due to torture in the military officials house or injuries sustained during the conflict in the north. The independent source also requested the writer to appeal to the international human rights NGO’s to investigate this abuse by the army officials as she is fearful to take up the matter in Sri Lanka due to prevailing tensions and the hostile reception she would receive from the government