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Chupacabra Pictures

Chupacabra Pictures: The Internet is buzzing with word that the killing of two Chupacabras recently! And killed two dogs creatures like legendary creature from a man of North Texas last week, and has now reached to the story and the mainstream media. And ranchers, who may take advantage to become famous, and requested the loan of equity, and claims he heard a voice like a growl coming from inside his barn. Upon inspection saw a creature, which he described as the worst creature has ever seen. Read More »

Bastille Day 2010

Bastille Day 2010: July 14 Bastille Day, France’s national holiday and celebrated every year on July 14, 2010, which marks the birth of Republique Los Angeles. Read More »

America s Got Talent

America s Got Talent, I can understand that talent competitions are mostly popularity contests. And I am a firm believer in democracy. But the results of “America’s Got Talent” completely blew me out of the water. Read More »

Rath Yatra 2010

Rath Yatra 2010 is going in full flow with Lakhs] of devotees associated with the vehicles of God Jagannath, Balabadhra and Subhadhra. This has led to a stampede at the Jagannath Puri Yatra which led to the death of a loving female. And there were a few others. Read More »

Aimee Louise Sword

Aimee Louise Sword, Police have accused Aimee Louise Sword of searching out the son she gave up for adoption a decade ago and raping him. She has been arraigned on three charges of criminal sexual misconduct. It’s unclear whether the boy, a minor, knew she was his biological mother Read More »

Shah Rukh’s ‘Don 2’ Sold In Rs 125 Crores

After almost 20 years in the industry, Shah Rukh Khan still sells. The buzz in the industry is that two of his upcoming solo hero films have been sold for astronomical amounts. Read More »

Watch Soy Tu Duena Capitulo 61

Watch Soy Tu Duena Capitulo 61, Hello friends friends lovers I am your master, today, Monday, July 12, 2010 I bring Chapter 61, I am your master free. This new chapter will be Enjoyed in the company of friends and absolutely free web this your favorite soap operas. Read More »

Khana Kaaba Given Ghusal Today

Khadim-e-Harmeen Shareef King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and Governor Makkah would perform ghusal ceremony of Khana Kaba with rose water and Aab-e-Zam Zam today. Five gallons of rose water and 47 gallons of Zam Zam would be used in this regard Read More »