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Sidehack Racing

Sidehack racingThe ABA National held in Roseville recently was a great weekend of racing and one of the highlights was sidehack racing. Yep sidehack racing has had a resurgence into modern day BMX with riders looking to challenge themselves with the help of a “monkey” and a different bike setup. The sidehack race was 3 gates of racing to the tune of 9 groups entered to race.

Monkeys at workTop honors went to Angel Trevino and Dean Townsend who had the power and technical ability to get the job done. Snap Icee Andersons also had a fast team entered and with the first turn action going down things got intense.

Een – twee – start A great time was had by all and since the race was so much of a fan fare the NBL and Manzanita BMX have given us the opportunity to run another race at the upcoming Prunedale Ca NBL National on May 20th and 21st.. Angel and Dean will definitely be looking to defend their title and all interested sidehackers are encouraged to come out and enjoy the racing.

Final straight Entry in the sidehack race will be free and anyone interested in getting involved or getting information on how to get a sidehack together feel free to email and we will try our best to help you out.