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Nebraska Earthquake

Residents of Nemaha county and adjacent areas experienced tremors at about 9:00 p.m. yesterday. USGS has confirmed that most parts of Nebraska did experience an earthquake. The magnitude of the earthquake on the Ric hter scale is measured to be around 3.5. Popular news channels and news papers offices started receiving a barrage of telephone calls to know more about the damage and about the danger of the aftershocks.

The full investigation of the damage done would be carried out this morning, however it is suspected that the earthquake may have caused broken gas lines or some minor damage only. The earthquake’s affects were felt even as far as in some parts of Missouri.

U.S Geological survey’s immediate press release says that the earthquake is the result of ‘Humboldt Fault Line’. The earthquake originated from a point near Auburn. They have assured the residents that the aftershocks are felt as a result of the earthquakes whose epi centre is located near the surface of earth.

However the present 3.5 magnitude earthquake had its epicenter located deeper so there is no apparent danger of further aftershock.

There is no news of any serious damage to property or lives until now however the full details would be available only after the investigation of to be carried out in the morning when teams would be sent to the affected areas.

The fault line are places where huge under the earth plates meet each other. Earthquakes result when the plates move against each other. Nebraska has also experienced some minor and major earthquakes in the past.

Nebraska EarthquakeNebraska Earthquake

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Nebraska Earthquake