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Jasmine Fiore Death Photo Released

Jasmine Fiore Death Photo Released-Jasmine Fiore death photo was published by a gossip site TMZ,death photo of the mutilated body stood on the site for some time, but then it was pulled off.

The JasmineFiore death photo was a grainy image taken from a video screenshot that scarcely reveals the contours of what could be
Fiore’s body stuffed in a suitcase.


The body was found stuffed into a suitcase in a Buena Park, CA, Dumpster on August 15. At the time, the body was flagged as a Jane Doe due to lack of identification. Since her teeth and fingers had been removed, it was only after tracing the serial number on her breast implants that a positive identification was made the following Tuesday.

The popularity of death photos is nothing new, let’s remember how people massively searched for Michael Jackson’s death pictures and also David Carradine’s pictures.