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Anne Curtis Scandal

Anne Curtis Scandal, Sam Milby rushed to cover Anne Curtis up, while Anne Curtis burst into tears when she noticed her right breast was exposed after her wardrobe malfunction. The crowd who came to see ASAP XV were able to see Anne’s exposed breast for approximately ten seconds. Unfortunately for those who weren’t there, the said production number of Anne and Sam had to be done again for the camera, sans the swimsuit malfunction of course.

Anne Curtis accidentally exposed her right breast during a special dance number with “Babe, I Love You” co-star Sam Milby in the second part of ASAP XV in Boracay which will be shown this coming Sunday.

This is not the first time Anne Curtis had a so-called nipslip. In a photo shoot years ago, Anne Curtis unknowingly exposed her nips. “Babe, I Love You” is showing on April 3, which falls on Black Saturday. Up to now, they are still shooting the movie though.