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Alex And Derek King Now

Alex And Derek King Now-Alex and Derek King, 12 and 13 years old, were arrested for the brutal murder of their father, Terry King, in his Cantonment, Florida home on the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2001 with a baseball bat. King brothers set the house afire to conceal evidence of the slaying, the story then made national headlines.

King brothers used a metal baseball bat to beat their father to death, the autopsy showing that he had multiple bludgeon wounds to the head.

In the US history, this case became one of the most notorious killings. Six years later Alex, now 18, is a free man. After serving six years for his part in Alex And Derek King Case NOWhis father’s death, he was released on Wednesday morning, April 9, 2008 at 9:45 a.m.

Just for little remind at the moment when the murder happened, Terry King, the boys’ father was sitting in a living room chair with his feet propped up on a sofa, asleep, when he was bludgeoned to death with an aluminum baseball bat. Firefighters working feverishly to extinguish the blaze that had been deliberately set, discovered his body.

Closer examination revealed that the left side of his head had been bashed in, making it easy to determine that he hadn’t died from smoke inhalation. His two sons, Alex and Derek, were nowhere to be found. At first authorities considered the possibility that they might have been abducted, but the following day they showed up at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office after being driven there by a family friend, 40-year-old Rick Chavis.

The two boys soon confessed that they had killed their father. Alex claimed that he had thought up the bizarre plan, and Derek said that he had been the one who had swung the bat. They were worried, they said, that their father was going to punish them for having ran away from home 10 days earlier. It Alex And Derek King Now1turned out that they had been staying at the home of their dad’s friend, Chavis, a convicted sex-offender, for many of those ten days.

It was later shown that Chavis had allowed them to hide in a back room of his trailer home when their father had come looking for them. Chavis had been convicted in 1984 of molesting three boys of varying ages.

The sick story became even more twisted when it was revealed that the kids’ neighbor Rick Chavis had convinced them to commit the murder of their father so that he could continue a sexual relationship with the younger brother.

“My ultimate goal in life now is (to be) what he is,” Alex wrote. “It is about sharing your life with someone else. Before I met Rick, I was straight, but now I am gay.”

Both brothers claimed that Rick Chavis had ‘brainwashed’ them into believing that their father was emotionally abusing them, their trust for Chavis made them increasingly vulnerable to his manipulation, eventually leading up to the murder of their father.